Monday, August 03, 2015

the windy city...

Let me just say one thing...
I Love Chicago!!!

The food was amazing, the shopping was amazing, the sightseeing was amazing, I could just go on and on! There is so much to see and do in Chicago I will definitely go again.
I was quite surprised at how friendly the people were in Chicago. Here in the south we are known for southern hospitality, but I have to admit Chicago was just as hospitable. Along with all the other great things about Chicago, the weather was amazing-yet another reason I did not want to leave Chicago, coming back to the dreaded New Orleans heat:( Despite the weather being foggy, rainy or windy some of the days, overall it was perfect and did not ruin any plans for the trip.

 At the famous BEAN:) or as its true name is the Cloud Gate.

The Willis Tower- Skydeck Chicago (formerly known as the Sears Tower)
I wasn't sure what to expect, if walking on the Skydeck was going to be scary looking down 100+ stories from the glass ledge or if it wasn't going to be scary at all- it was the latter. I figured I would be fine since I'm not afraid of heights, and since the CN tower in Canada was not scary for me which also has a glass area to walk on (although not as open as the skydeck).

View from helicopter of the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) can see the 4 glass ledge's
For the longest time I had been wanting to take a helicopter ride and I finally got to see the city of Chicago and surrounding areas in a helicopter tour.

View from helicopter

Golf course with NO TREES! O but it has an Anchor! The anchor shape can be seen from above but when golfing on the course you can not tell its an anchor.

The Beautiful Buckingham Fountain!!! 
I couldn't stop taking pictures of this fountain! I walked around the whole fountain and just kept staring at peaceful! 

Well Chicago till next time!

xo, Nat