Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flea Market Finds...

Vintage Gucci
Loved this was sold
How cool are these XL Shades!!!

Niffty shelf and flower stands

These are handmade using soda can tabs

Didn't think I would see one of these dad has a couple.

Look who I spotted! :o

Growing up I had my fair share of days at the flea markets with my parents {they love antiques}. I guess they kind of rubbed off on me {sort of}. Now that I have a secondhand store, I go to garage sales, estate sales and flea markets to look for items to resell. During the process I end up buying things for myself as well or, I buy things to sell but end up keeping them for not good!
 There's nothing quite like the thrill of finding rare or exquisite items at a bargain. Not only do u find one of a kind pieces, but also that piece has a story to it: which flea market I got it from, the thrill of negotiating the price to get me to open my wallet, and how I came across that particular gem out of the plethora of things. Sometimes the seller even has a story to tell about that particular piece.
I recently went to a flea market and found a few pieces for myself...

LOVE my new jewelry tray!
Ivory salad servers

Gold salt and pepper shakers

Whether you collect certain things (china, cups and saucers, frames, vintage jewelry) or just like to 
see what you can find at a flea market (garage sale, estate sale). Think outside of the box for some 
other things such as... things you can incorporate with a gift to add a special touch, trinkets you can
display on a book shelf, or re-purposing.

What do you like to look for at flea markets?

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