Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Weekend Adventures...

This weekend was the New Orleans Oyster Festival. My parents (especially my dad) wanted to go to the festival...but one problem, it poured raining on our way there:( We decided to go to Costco till the rain stops and then continue on to the oyster festival. Another problem, the road to Costco was flooded (as well as many other areas) lol. We seriously felt like we were trapped, anything we attempted to do was just not happening. We turned around and foundd another way to get to Costco. Finally we made it there!

 One of my favorite flowers are Peonies, but I can never find them anywhere around here (roses or your typical bunch flowers is all we have). I was surprised to see Calla Lilies {and PINK}, so I wasn't going to pass them up! How pretty are they!?

 Look what else Costco had...

 OMG $22,000 for scotch! Even if I had that much money to waste on alcohol (although im not much of a drinker, I don't really like alcohol) I could never! Seriously its like flushing $22,000 down the toilet, literally...I mean you will pee it out anyways, right? lol

Once we left Costco the rain had stopped and took the chance to go to the festival. Guess what? they had to shut down the festival although the rain passed through. No eating oysters for us. Later that night the news showed all the amazing food (oyster based of course) vendors were selling...o how I wish we had some of that! I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Didn't get to eat oysters but got to eat Orzo Salad with shrimp from Zoes Kitchen...yum, yum!

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