Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Old and New...

This past weekend I ate at a restaurant that closed its doors after 38 years of business and ate at one that just opened its doors.
Tiffin Inn Pancake House was a popular restaurant to many locals! It was sudden news to hear they would close their doors after 38 years due to landlord not renewing its lease, the reason being...Home Goods is taking over, as it is also taking two other spots in the shopping center. Now I am so excited that we are Finally! getting a Home Goods, but also sad that this famous local pancake house had to close. I hope they get to find a new location.
On Sunday (March 31) Tiffin Inn was serving their customers for the last time. We decided to go before they closed the doors. It was a rush in there, loyal customers sad and saying goodbyes and many hugs to the servers that had been working there and grew to know so well. Do to being its last day, food selection was low since they did not stock up so they wouldn't be left with extra food. Almost everything we wanted from the menu they were out of, but we still ended up managing to order way to much food hahah. 
I was so hungry I couldn't wait to eat (it took a while to get our food). As soon as the order came I practically inhaled my brunch!

This is what was left when I realized I was going to take a picture of everything!


 On the way out I asked the Manager that was behind the register if I could have a menu, she said I can take one as long as she doesn't see me taking it, she looked behind the counter where the menu was then turned around closed her eyes. I went behind the counter took a menu and told her to have a good day, thanked her and walked out:)

Grouper with Chickpeas

When one door closes another opens, right? A friend and I made plans to check out a new restaurant called Avo that opened on a popular, hip street in the Uptown area -Magazine Street. Fun Italian, Avo means, ancestors or grandfather, and in Armenian Avo is a males name:)

Photo Credit Todd  A. Price

We sat in the corner by the window

The food was delicious. Will definitely go again.

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