Monday, May 11, 2015

My Mom, My Best Friend...

O where do I begin....My mom IS my Best Friend! Spending time with my mom is like spending time with my friends, lots of jokes and laughter. I even pick on her (of course not in a negative way) and we laugh about it...she says, "look at you, I gave birth to you yesterday and now you are laughing at me" lol.  

Not only is my mom the sweetest, and most caring person, but also the most selfless person I know. She has been through a lot of ups and downs in her life (including battling cancer...I Thank God for helping her through her battle and for her health now), but never did she give up because she knew no matter what, she had to be strong not only for herself but for my brother and I. I am who I have become because of my sweet mom and hope to keep growing to be half the woman she is, she is my inspiration! The love that she has shown me, I hope to one day be able to show that to my kids. 

Even when I had doubts in myself my mom believed in me and encouraged me to keep going. She has always been a positive influence not only who I am on the inside but also on the outside.  My mom has always been confident in her own skin and never has she belittled anyone else based on their appearance, because of that I have learned never to judge anyone based on outer appearance. Even if I have insecurities my mother has always made me feel good about myself  she has helped me to accept and be confident in my own skin (and no I'm not perfect).

Mom I LOVE you SOOO SOOO Much!!!

This year Mother's Day was also an emotional one as we lost an amazing woman, my Grandmother, as she is in heaven now. She pasted away in November and this was the first Mother's Day without her here. She lived in Lebanon, so I haven't actually had a Mother's Day with her here with us for a long time, but not being able to talk to her and hear her voice and wish her a Happy Mother's Day was tough. It was especially harder on my mother as her mom was her best friend as well.

 Although we had a nice celebration on Sunday for Mother's Day, I also wanted to be there for my mom this whole weekend to help her through this tough time for her. During lunch we talked about my grandmother what kind of a woman she was  and  all the great memories we had with her, there was some tears and some laughter. Our mother/daughter time together was pricelss.

 I was in Lebanon this past summer and I am so grateful that I was able to spend time with my grandmother as not knowing that would have been the last time I would have with her...she passed away less than two months after that.
I know my mom has learned to be a caring and selfless woman because of my grandmother. My grandmother always put others first before herself, no matter what. She was the woman that would give her shirt off her back. I truly believe she knew something was wrong with her but didn't complain as she did not want to be a "burden" (I hate to use that word) on anyone. Before she passed away she told me "Know the value of your mother as I lost my mom at a young age."

I Love you Nene (term for grandmother in Armenian) and miss you so much!!!

 I wouldn't be who I am without these two women! 

Grandma, me and Mom
Both beautiful on the outside, but most importantly even more beautiful on the inside!!!

Don't ever take for granted that you have your mother with you as life is too short and you never know what can happen. Enjoy her to the fullest! Even if we get upset with our moms or think they are annoying at times always remember they love us and have sacrificed a lot to raise us. She will stay hungry to make sure you have something to eat, she will worry to make sure you are safe, she will sacrifice something she wants for you to have what you want, she will risk her life to give you yours, and the list goes on and on! The little that we do for our mothers doesn't even measure up to how much they do for us! Be there for her if she is in need or not, she gave you life and her life!

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