Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Latest Purchase...

I recently bought these two jackets from my local Dillard's Outlet. Yes they actually have a Dillard's Clearance Center! Every week they have additional discounts off already reduced prices; however, sometimes they don't have additional markdowns on certain things. 

1. Kensie
2. Michael Stars Moto Jacket

When I bought these jackets (1.Tweed moto style jacket and 2. Linen moto jacket) they had additional 40% off blazers and no additional discount on outerwear. There are two separate sections separating jackets as Blazers and Outerwear. I found these two in the Blazer section as well as many other similar ones in the same section. They were not all your typical blazers (single or double-breasted). The outerwear section had knee length heavy coats and heavy leather jackets.

When I went to the cashier to pay for the jackets she told me they were not an additional 40% off because it had zippers and that customers must have placed them in the wrong section. The lady behind me had at another register had the same problem. I asked for the manager because they were not advertising properly. When the manager came he informed me that anything considered to be warn outside to keep warm are outerwear ( heavy coats) and blazers are your typical blazers (he showed me a single breasted blazer as an example) and that my two jackets where considered outerwear...although neither of my jackets fit his descriptions. So I showed him all the other "none typical blazers" in that section and he replied, "people just misplaced them" (I'm talking about more than just a couple, at least 50+!) be noted: those same ones are always in that same section and their employees are pretty good keeping the store organized. 
I sympathize, it is a large store to keep organized at all times, and there is a lot of inventory to categorize all in the computers, but either they have to  be more specific with their categories when listing discounts or they have to be more lenient which category a specific garment is. The cashiers where just going based on if the jacket had a zipper or not. 
In the end I did get them at an additional 40% off and I appreciate the managers cooperation.

However, my mom had a jacket as well which they did not give the 40% because it was the way it does not have a zipper (contradicting). It was more like a cardigan like soft leather. Since it was leather the manager considered it outerwear. We were not there to argue so we just let it be and my mom ending buy it, it looked nice on her:)

As much as I love summer colors, I cant wait for fall/winter. Winter clothes are so much more fun layering (hats, scarves, gloves, coats, boots). How many more months till fall? 

What do you think, should these be considered blazer type or outerwear?  What would you categorize them as?

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