Thursday, May 14, 2015

DIY Topiary...

I made this using coffee filters.
Perfect for center pieces or any other decorating use.

Things you need:

Coffee Filters
2-100mm craft foam spheres
Paint (Parisian Pink-Folk Art acrylic paint)
String of Pearls

you will also need hot glue and a small saw

Steps to making the coffee filtered sphere:

1. In a bowl, large enough to fit the coffee filter, mix the paint with water. The amount of paint depends how light or dark you want the color to be.

2. Dip the filters in the paint/water covering the entire filter.

3. You may need to separate some of the filters if the inside of the filters did not absorb enough of the paint mixture.

4. Lay out the filters to dry.

5. Once the filters are dry, I took three filters at a time and pinched the filters from the middle and hot glued to the sphere. You can use one or two filters at a time, which may be better as I think three was a lot. Continue till the whole foam is covered.

6. Paint the dowel white or any other color you like.

7. Once the dowel dries, measure how long you want the topiary to stand. With the saw cut the dowel to desired length.

8. Take the other foam and saw off a little of the bottom to make a flat surface to glue to the bucket.

9. Hot glue the foam in the middle of the bucket.

10. Stick the dowel in the coffee filter covered foam then in the foam of the bucket.

11. I filled my bucket with some rocks to weigh it down a little. Use anything you want that will prevent the topiary from tipping.

12. Fill the other half of the bucket (I used the string of pearls) with any filler you want to finish off your topiary.

Finished Coffee Filter Topiary

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