Friday, April 24, 2015

Centennial of the Armenian Genocide 1915-2015

In Memory of the 1.5 Million Armenians who lost their lives during the Armenian Genocide!
April 24, 2015, today marks 100years of the Armenian Genocide! We REMEMBER and will NEVER FORGET! It has been amazing to see and read all that has been done all over the world, especially the past weeks up until today, to commemorate the lives lost during the genocide and help spread the recognition of the Armenian Genocide!!! I am so blessed and proud to be able to say I AM A SURVIVOR and Proud to be Armenian!!! May all the souls Rest in Peace!!! ‪#‎TurkeyFailed‬

For those of you that have not heard of the Armenian Genocide, I will not write out a long essay explaining what the Armenian Genocide was, but please watch The Armenian Genocide Explained a 3 min video on Yahoo! News by Katie Couric explaining what happened to the Armenians during the Genocide... 

#ArmenianGenocide #1915NeverForget #IamAsurvivor #Turkeyfailed

 I am an Armenian American, born and raised in New Orleans, La. During the Armenian Genocide my great grandparents ended up in Beirut, Lebanon; therefore, both my parents (Armenian) were born in Lebanon. During the Lebanese Civil War that began in 1975 my fathers family came to America -Los Angeles, Ca. My father did not stay in California but moved to New Orleans. Then my father went back to Lebanon met my mother and married in 1981 and she too then came back with him to New Orleans. I am proud of my culture and also love my parents birth place as well. Lebanon is a beautiful country and love to visit when I get the chance. I am an Lebanese Armenian American:)

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