Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target...

I was excited to here that Lilly Pulitzer was collaborating with Target for a collection! However, I did not expect the collection to fly off the racks/shelves so fast and sell out (Target Corporation was just as surprised too)! With all the other designer collaborations Target has released, I have been able to find items after the debut date. I knew people would be lining up before the doors opened the day it was released in stores and online; however, never expected a sell out! I personally think maybe it was the prices they had retailed for. I noticed the prices where lower than other collaborations such as Missoni, Jason Wu, and Neiman Marcus...which is a good thing, makes it more affordable! 
 I knew the release date was April 19 so I figured I would check it out the next day. When I went to target the next day I did not see a single thing no signs, racks, items...NOTHING! I went to another target couple days later and same, nothing! I figured, possibly, Target stores here in New Orleans area did not carry the Lilly Pulitzer collection. I went back to Target again still looking, just maybe I might see something that I missed before, but of course again nothing. I decided to ask a Target team member if they had the collection and she said they did but it sold out within the first hour!!! I guess southern girls love their Lilly Pulitzer too!:) 
What a perfect collaboration now that Spring is here and Summer quickly approaching, beautiful colors and prints!

Sweet Things Diary Photo

Sweet Things Diary Photo

Sweet Things Diary Photo

Sweet Things Diary Photo

Sweet Things Diary Photo

Sweet Things Diary Photo
Where you able to snag one or more of these beautiful pieces? Did you have to stand in line day of debut to get something?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Zuhair Murad

One of my favorite designers is Zuhair Murad. Zuhair Murad is a Lebanese fashion designer...Everytime I visit Lebanon and drive by his showroom my heart just melts seeing the beautiful dresses displayed in the window! Couldn't agree more to a description of his designs..."His lavish creations, in sensational colors and extraordinary fabrics, are reminiscent of Egyptian princesses, Grecian goddesses and pure, glorious splendor, complete with an edgy twist that modernizes his collections."
Jennifer Lopes is well known to wear Zuhair Murad dresses time and time again, and she always looks impeccable!!

Many other celebrities have been seen wearing Zuhair Murad such as Cheryl Cole, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Candice Swanepoel, just to name a few. Although I love every single one of these gowns, when I saw Blake Lively in the Zuhair Murad Couture nude strapless gown with black beaded detail, I just fell in love with that dress! What do you think? Which is your favorite Zuhair Murad?

Below is a dress I bought. From the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it and it reminded me of a Zuhair Murad dress...Now I just need an occasion to wear it too:)
Hopefully one day I can wear an actual Zuhair Murad dress!!

Do you have a favorite designer?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Ciate Nails

I Love the Ciate Caviar Manicure which come in several different colors. The one I have is the Caviar Lemon Fizz set. I like to use it only on one nail each hand, but may try it on all one day. I posted a picture below I used it only on my ring finger and paired it with a nude nail polish to have the Caviar pop out more. It's also fun to use it with bright colors as well during the summer time and darker colors during fall time. I also like to set a clear top coat on mine just to set the caviars better in place, but be careful not to put too much or the colors from the caviar will bleed, although it does give it a different color tone.

Caviar Manicure Set
 I also have the Ciate Corrupted Neon ( sold at Nordstrom) and Very Colourfoil (sold at Sephora) manicure sets as well. I have not tried them yet, but can't wait to try the Neon one as summer is right around the corner! The neon set includes a glitter like powder to sprinkle on top of the neon pink nail polish and then a clear polish to coat and finish. 
The colourfoil set has a colored base coat then you apply the glue they provide with the set and place it only on the part of the nail you want for the desired amount and place you want to use the foil and repeat till you have your nail covered with the amount and colors of the foil you want. Such fun ways to experiment with your nails instead of plain colored nail polish!

Corrupted Neon Manicure Set                                                                            Very Colourfoil Manicure Set
I was able to find all these sets at my local T.J. Maxx store.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Centennial of the Armenian Genocide 1915-2015

In Memory of the 1.5 Million Armenians who lost their lives during the Armenian Genocide!
April 24, 2015, today marks 100years of the Armenian Genocide! We REMEMBER and will NEVER FORGET! It has been amazing to see and read all that has been done all over the world, especially the past weeks up until today, to commemorate the lives lost during the genocide and help spread the recognition of the Armenian Genocide!!! I am so blessed and proud to be able to say I AM A SURVIVOR and Proud to be Armenian!!! May all the souls Rest in Peace!!! ‪#‎TurkeyFailed‬

For those of you that have not heard of the Armenian Genocide, I will not write out a long essay explaining what the Armenian Genocide was, but please watch The Armenian Genocide Explained a 3 min video on Yahoo! News by Katie Couric explaining what happened to the Armenians during the Genocide... 

#ArmenianGenocide #1915NeverForget #IamAsurvivor #Turkeyfailed

 I am an Armenian American, born and raised in New Orleans, La. During the Armenian Genocide my great grandparents ended up in Beirut, Lebanon; therefore, both my parents (Armenian) were born in Lebanon. During the Lebanese Civil War that began in 1975 my fathers family came to America -Los Angeles, Ca. My father did not stay in California but moved to New Orleans. Then my father went back to Lebanon met my mother and married in 1981 and she too then came back with him to New Orleans. I am proud of my culture and also love my parents birth place as well. Lebanon is a beautiful country and love to visit when I get the chance. I am an Lebanese Armenian American:)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Agra Hadig (Armenian First Tooth)...

“AGRA”  ակրա   – tooth
“HADIG” հատիկ grain dish, traditionally cooked wheat dish eaten on this occasion.

Armenian First Tooth”

The centuries-old Armenian tradition agra hadig, celebrates the appearance of the baby’s first tooth. It is celebrated worldwide by Armenians, no matter where they live -- Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, or the U.S. as well as other parts of the world”

In Armenia, the Agra Hadig is celebrated to predict which profession the child will go into – and to grant them luck and good fortune.

What Signifies Agra Hadig:

The baby is sat on the floor with a veil over her head and surrounding her are little trinkets.  These include a small ARMENIAN BIBLE (to symbolize scholarly or religious pursuits), a KNIFE (to symbolize a doctor or surgeon), a MUSICAL INSTRAMENT (symbolizing an affinity for music), SCISSORS (a tailor or a seamstress), a PAINTBRUSH (artistic), a PENCIL (writer or teacher), MONEY (banker, financier or wealthy person).  The first object the baby picks will be indicative of their future occupation.  Before the child makes the selection, her head is covered using a veil and the mixture of the hadig- the cooked lentils, bulgur, and candies, is sprinkled over the baby’s head, to signify a wish for fruitfulness.  Then everyone eats a little of the wheat mixture and good fortune is granted!

*Information about Agra Hadig taken from 

When my niece cut through her first tooth, I couldn't wait to give her her Agra Hadig party. Usually Agra Hadig is a women's event only like a baby shower; however, we decided to invite males too, since my brother wanted to be present at his daughters Agra Hadig. You don't naturally find Agra Hadig invitations at the stores so, I decided I wanted to make invitations that would be cute and unique. I wanted to use pinks and gold for the party colors. I made pretty much all the decorations: Lilit gold letters for the cake table backdrop, tassle garland for the food table, Agra Hadig sign, cupcake display, and the photo booth backdrop and sign, as well as other little things here and there.

 I also made all the desserts from scratch except for the cake (picture I gave to the cake lady-she did an amazing job!) and the baklava was store bought. O how I wanted to attempt making the cake but I knew I wouldn't have time to make it. As it is I was up all night making the other desserts! My mom made the food and ordered some as well. Some of the things she made where the baby back ribs, crawfish pasta, and tabbouleh.  Her baby back ribs where a hit! People were asking where she had ordered them from and when she told them she had mad them they where brother even thought she had ordered them!!!

Dessert Table


Photo Booth and Props

 I added some other trinkets in addition to, the traditional ones mentioned above, just to make it a little more interesting:) Some things I added were a cell phone (we all thought she would pick this-she loves to play with everyone's cell phone), jewelery, watch, calculator, etc. Also for money I put a $10 bill and a $100 bill just to see which amount she would be drawn too. She ended up picking the $10 first! Well the significance of money is that she will be wealthy!:) Above all what matters is that she lives a healthy life and prospers in whatever she dreams to be in the future. I wish my niece nothing but the best for her and that she may always be happy and healthy!! Hokour (Armenian for aunt) Loves You Lilit!!!

My ADORABLE Niece!!!

She even knows how to use the props!!! and that's my goofy sister-in-law:)
Family Pic-minus my brother (he was taking the picture:( )

Monday, April 20, 2015

Side Table Redo...

I had this side table at my store and decided to give it a facelift. However, instead of reselling it I ended up keeping it for myself! I kind of have been doing that a lot...there goes my profit, but hey I gained a table, Right? I decided to paint it all white with silver accents on the legs and added a mirror to the top of the table. I had extra pieces of mirror so i cut the mirror using a glass/mirror cutter, to fit the top of the table. I just love how it turned out!!!! 
However, I have been into white and gold a lot lately, I'm considering changing the silver to gold??
What do you think? Would you have done anything different: the color, the top? 



About Me...

Hi Ya'll! My name is Natalie Meguerditchian, born and raised in the New Orleans area. I am Armenian and speak fluent Armenian. I graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, but I now have a second hand store and have been dreaming of blogging for a very long time now. Fashion and home decor have always been a passion of mine. I love shopping, especially finding great deals!
Thank you for checking out my blog and hope you enjoy it!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome To Sweet Things Diary!

Welcome to Sweet Things Diary!!! I am so excited to start posting everything and anything that I love! You will find a little bit of everything in this blog as you would in a diary. In this diary there will be a little bit of fashion, DIY's, baking/cooking, family and so much more of everything and anything I love! 
I have been holding off on blogging for a long time now cause to be honest I have been a little -o.k. actually a lot, intimidated by the whole process. I am not much of a tech kind of gal. Don't get me wrong, I love all the new gadgets that keep coming out and I want them all.:) However, I am not very good at learning how to use them-it is overwhelming! Please bare with me as this will be a learning process for me on how to blog and all the other things that come along with blogging lol. I hope ya'll enjoy my blog!!! BTW yes I'm from the south:)